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Cable Camera

High-angle shots can be achieved through different camera systems such as drones and jibs or cranes. However, these systems have their limitations.

As drone shots are such a hit in today’s film production world, it has safety issues especially when flying over a huge crowd of people and in narrow spaces. It is not recommended for close distances and in-door venues as well. You can only do so much with a drone because of its safety limitations, payload capacity, battery life, and camera compatibility.

The alternative jib/crane system on the other hand, are capable of carrying a wider range of camera systems and able to execute vertical and trucking shots. The down side being the coverage is limited only to the size of the actual jib/crane. Also, it can be obstructive in populated areas and trucking shots can only move in a defined curve instead of moving in a straight line.

Given these two options and their limitations, what could be an alternative? The cable cam system is a great alternative to the two for various events and production requirements. The cable cam is a system that is composed of a point-to-point anchored cable line wherein a camera can maneuver freely through a gyro-integrated trolley. In simple terms, it’s a camera system on a zipline.

Perfect for sports, concerts, and film production, the cable cam creates dynamic high-angle shots with impeccable stability. The cable cam solves all the safety issues present in drones and offers a wider coverage than the usual jib/crane system. You can also mount high-end cameras in the cable cam system for better video quality without the fear of damaging it.

As the leading cable camera rental service provider in the Philippines, ACT’s cable cam is operated only by trained and experienced technical and film professionals. Our team of experts is dedicated to give you shots and perspectives like never before, and translate your visions into realities.

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